Electric height adjustable washbasin system - BASICLINE 415-0


Cable Hand control Washbasin lift
Cable Hand control Washbasin lift pcs
Radio control - Hand control for 1 lifting system
Radio control - Hand control, 1 lifting system
- Height Adjustable Washbasins
Safety switch
Safety switch
Mixer tap 425-105
Mixer tap Granberg 425-105 pcs
Mixer tap 425-106
Mixer tap Granberg 425-106 pcs
Mixer tap 425-110
Mixer tap Granberg 425-110 pcs
Washbasin Granberg 425-011
Washbasin Granberg 425-011 pcs
Washbasin Granberg 425-001
Washbasin Granberg 425-001 w. overflow pcs
Washbasin Granberg 425-003
Washbasin Granberg 425-003 pcs
Washbasin Granberg 425-010
Washbasin Granberg 425-010 pcs
Washbasin Granberg 425-015
Washbasin Granberg 425-015 pcs
Flexible Water hoses
Flexible Water hoses (3/8”) connection (2 pcs)
- 50 cm
Waste hose
Waste hose for washbasin lifts pcs

Your configuration

Motorised washbasin lift BASICLINE 415-0

Functions and Advantages

  • Width: 65cm
  • Low level (can be installed beneath a mirror or cabinet)
  • Plumbing connections are elegantly concealed in the lifting unit
  • Basin centre-to-centre fixings: 28cm