Wall Cabinet Lift - InDIAGO

InDIAGO is a motorised lifting system that is lowered ina curved movement to the front of the work surface. The movement can be stopped at any height.
The lift does not make the cabinet protrude further from the wall and it does not take up much space in the cabinet. It is easily mounted in existing or new cabinets without the bottom of the cabinet having to be removed. Strip lighting and light ramps are not affected by the lift since
the bottom of the cabinet is left intact.

The system also includes a function that automatically opens the doors when the unit is lowered. When the unit goes back into the cabinet, it slows down at the end so the doors are closed gently. The ingenious design also makes it possible to open the doors as usual when the unit is in the raised position.

The cabinet unit is available in two heights that fit 70 cm or 85 cm high cabinets. The lift is available in two different depths and in a wide range of widths to fit cabinets that are 50-100 cm wide.

The lift can be integrated in kitchens from any kitchen

Wall Cabinet Lift - InDIAGO
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