Accessible kitchen

DESIGN AND QUALITY FOR THE FUTURE is a good summary of what we, here at Granberg, have delivered to our customers for five generations. My great, great grandfather Otto Granberg started the company 1870 as a traditional carpentry company, focusing on quality, and had many strings to his bow. In 1970 we took a major step in our development towards the company we are today. This is when we created our first flexible kitchen with a motor-driven lift system to provide greater comfort. Since then, we have delivered tens of thousands of kitchens that enrich and simplify people’s everyday lives.

Today we work to make it easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable for everyone to work in the kitchen. Our built-in lift systems allow you to control the height of your kitchen cabinets, worktops and shelves to a level that suits you. All you need to do is press a button. Does this sound like science fiction? It isn’t! Granberg builds the kitchens of the future today. You will enjoy our quality kitchen solutions for the rest of your life. We call them ErgoKitchens. Kitchens that are adapted to you. Come and discover a world of new opportunities!

Tobias Granberg, CEO