Height Adjustable Nursing Bench Granberg 345

Height Adjustable Nursing Bench Granberg 345

Model 345 is an adjustable nursing table with a stable design. The surface of the nursing table is a waterproof laminate with a ABS-plastic edge. There is free space under the nursing table for patient lift.

Gates on both sides gives a safe nursing area. The gates can be folded down so there is good space from both sides for helpers.
There is free space between the motors so you can use a mobile patient lift.
The motors are strong and adjust the height between 56.7 – 96.7 cm. Max load on the table is 200 kg.

Description of function

Freestanding electrically height adjustable nursing bench with mattress and folding gates.

Functions and Advantages

  • Nursing bench in laminate with mattress
  • Freestanding on castors
  • Electrically height adjustable 57 - 97 cm above floor
  • Easy-to-use corded hand control
  • Folding gates
  • Electronic components approved according to EN 60601-1 for medical electrical equipment