Height Adjustable Changing Table Granberg 332

Height Adjustable Changing Table Granberg 332

Baby changing table with an adjustable working height of 73 - 113 cm above the floor. The height can be adjusted quickly (3 cm/sec.) and is safe, because only the carer can set their working height. To lessen the heavy lifting required, there is an option to fit steps to the table so that the child can climb up themselves.

Baby changing table 332 - Standard model
Baby changing table 332 - Combination 2

Description of function

Freestanding electrically height adjustable baby changing table with mattress.

Functions and Advantages

  • Baby changing table table with laminate board, width 62 - 120 cm with mattress
  • Electrically height adjustable 73 - 113 cm above floor
  • Freestanding with adjustable feet
  • Easy-to-use programmable table control