SIDELIFT 6400 is a straight, motorised worktop lift. Cabinets can be hung under the entire lift or under certain sections. Powerful motors (400 kg lifting power) are located on the short sides. The motors work steplessly and adjust the worktop quickly and quietly to the desired height. The lift is equipped with a reliable safety system that guarantees safe operation without any risk of pinching. The lift is prepared in the factory to facilitate easy installation.

With a SIDELIFT in your kitchen, the kitchen of the future is already here! An ergonomic kitchen worktop with generous storage space that can easily be height -adjusted. 

If your needs change, the cabinets can easily be removed to provide space for work done when sitting down. The cabinets can be remounted just as easily. 

Safety systems, in the form of safety plates under cabinets and safety strips where there are spaces for knees, stop all movement if any object comes in contact with the switches.

Inset sink with shallow sink bowl and hob can be integrated.

The hanging cabinets are equipped with two fully-extendable, soft-close drawers.

Hanging cabinets with waste sorting bins are available in widths 40-80 cm.

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