Sidelift 6400 Combi Kitchen Module 6400-ES30S4 - Cabinets under the entire lift


Mixer tap Granberg 60211 Excl. dishwasher shut off
Granberg mixer tap 60211 pcs
Flexible water hoses for kitchen 2-pack
Flexible water hoses 2-pack, 3/8, length 500mm pcs

Your configuration

Sidelift 6400 Combi Module 6400-ES30S4-H5, incl. top board with 2 sink-bowls, width 289 cm
- Specify whether the sink should be on the right or left

Sidelift 6400 combi module 6400-ES30S4 contains two shallow sink bowls, prepared for glass ceramic hob with four cooking zones.

The module is delivered complete, (except hob, mixer tap and hoses), and is available in left or right version.

The module have hanging cabinets under the entire lift. The he cabinets can easily be removed to provide space for work done when sitting down. The cabinets can be remounted just as easily.

Safety systems, in the form of safety plates under cabinets, stop all movement if any object comes in contact with the switches.

Electronics and motor system "Plug and Play".

Functions and Advantages

  • Motorised, straight worktop lift with side motors
  • Cabinets under the entire worktop or under certain parts
  • Height-adjustable 70-100 cm above the floor (excl. countertop)
  • 400 kg lifting power
  • Safety plates under cabinets
  • Control button, Mini located in motor units

Standard equipment
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