Wall Cabinet Lift Granberg Diago 504, 60-110 cm width


Control button, ALU-design - Wall cabinet lifts
Control button - ALU-design
- Verti & Diago
Radio control for 1 lifting system
Radio control for 1 lifting system
- Verti & Diago
Extension frame for ALU-Button
Extension frame for ALU-Button pcs
Control button, Mini
Control button, Mini
- Verti & Diago
Radio Control Button, Mini
Radio Control Button, Mini for 1 lifting system
- Verti & Diago
Radio control - Hand control for 1 lifting system
Radio control - Hand control, 1 lifting system
- Baselift, Verti & Diago
LED Lighting rack
LED Lighting rack for Diago. 230 V EU Plug pcs
LED Spotlights  - 24 V 3,0 W
LED Spotlights to Diago. 230 V EU Plug pcs
Connection pack Lighting
Connection pack Lighting pcs
Screen for DIAGO 504
Screen for DIAGO 504 Width 56.0 cm
- For cabinet width 60 - 110 cm

Your configuration

DIAGO 504 - Complete set, 60 cm
- Safety plate (60 cm)
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Wallcabinet lift type Granberg Diago 504 complete set.

Functions and Advantages

  • Lowers one or more cabinets diagonally downwards and forwards to the front of the worktop
  • Takes up no space in the cabinet (mounted behind the cabinet)
  • Easy to reach the contents since the cabinet comes forward when lowered
  • Adjustable depth in all four corners provides the possibility to compensate for inclining wall
  • Safety plate stops the lowering if it comes in contact with any object on the underlying work surface. Mounted under the cabinets
  • Fits cabinets with height 70-110 cm
  • Maximum cabinet width 110 cm

Useful information
  • Steplessly adjustable 435 mm downwards, 227 mm outwards
  • Fits cabinets with height 700-1100 mm
  • Fits cabinets with depth 260-400 mm
  • When the lift is in the raised position, the cabinet protrudes 110 mm further. To conceal that, adjoining cabinets must be positioned so they protrude the same distance.
  • There must be a gap for movement of 5-8 mm to the next cabinet/wall
Standard equipment

- Safety switch in the form of safety plates that are screwed onto the underside of the cabinet