Wheelchair Accessible Sit-on Kitchen Sink - Granberg ESH

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Sit-on sink 119.0 cm - Granberg ESH

Sink that cover the entire worktop unit. The bowls are shallower than ordinary bowls, this simplifies the work and gives more space below the sink for the user's legs and knees.

Made of 1.0 mm smooth stainless steel sheet, which is a hygienic and wear-resistant surface.

Functions and Advantages

  • For cabinet size: 800 mm
  • Height of the sink bowl: 120 mm
  • Depth: 585 mm*
  • Edge height: 30 mm
  • Plate thickness: 1 mm smooth stainless steel plate on an underside of fully-glued MDF board
  • Heat insulation pad at the underside
  • Incl. basket valve and water lock with flexible drain hose
  • Reversible, for right or left

* Adapted to our height-adjustable bench systems and thus provide a 15 mm space on the wall side for splash protection. The width of our sinks is 10 mm shorter than standard to provide a 5 mm gap on each side of the height-adjustable units to the adjacent cabinet or wall