Wall Cabinet Lift - VERTI

VERTI is an electrical system that raises and lowers cupboard shelves quickly and silently to or from the work surface. The contents of the cabinet are accessed without having to open the door. When lowered an area on the worktop is left free in front of the shelves. The movement can be stopped at an optional height.

The lift can be used separately or together with Granberg's worktop lift to totally adapt the kitchen. The lift uses a small amount of space and is simple to install in existing or new cabinets without having to extend them out from the wall.

The lift fits in wall cabinets with heights between 70.0 - 110.0 cm. The lift is available in two different depths and in ample widths to fit cabinets between 40.0 - 100.0 cm.

The lift is equipped with a reliable safety system that guarantees safe operation with no risk of crushing. Lighting and banks of light can be fitted on the underside of the lift.

Wall Cabinet Lift - VERTI
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