Combi Kitchen Module - Centerlift 6490

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Centerlift 6490 Combi Module 6490-ES20S4, Left incl. top board with 1+1/2 sink-bowl, width 253 cm
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Centerlift 6490 combi module 6490-ES20S4L-253 contains of one shallow sink bowl, one shallow rinsing bowl. Prepared for glass ceramic hob with four cooking zones.

The module is delivered complete, (except hob, mixer tap and hoses), and is available in left or right version.

The module have hanging cabinets at one side and open space at the other side for wheelchair user.

The height is continuously adjustable 400 mm which makes it possible to work from standing or sitting position.

Safety systems, in the form of safety plates under cabinets and safety strips where there are spaces for knees, stop all movement if any object comes in contact with the switches.

Electronics and motor system "Plug and Play".

Functions and Advantages

  • Motorised kitchen island lift for cabinets and the part with space for knees
  • Height-adjustable 70-110 cm above floor (excl. countertop)
  • 400 kg lifting power
  • Safety switch under storage cabinet and the part with space for knees.

Standard equipment
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