Electric wardrobe lift - BUTLER 722

Electric Wardrobe lift Butler 722

Type of lift Motorised wardrobe rail which lowers the clothes rail down to the front of the wardrobe
Height adjustment Motorised, continuously adjustable wardrobe rail, 111.8 cm downwards, 62.5 cm outward
Speed level 4.7 cm / sec.
Operation Remote control
Electrical connection 100240 V/5060 Hz
Lifting force 30 kg (66lbs)
Noise level 52 dB
Height of motor unit 14.3 cm
Width of motor unit 6.0 cm (per side)
Fits cabinet width

60,0 - 90,0 / 100,0 - 160,0 cm


Butler 722-White
- Cover of white plastic RAL 9003, powder-lacquered arms RAL 9003, chromed clothes rod

Butler 722-Grey
- Cover of grey plastic RAL 7035, powder-lacquered arms RAL 7035, chromed clothes rod

Butler 722-Black
-Cover of black plastic RAL 9005, powder-lacquered arms RAL 9005, chromed clothes rod

Warranty 2 year
Delivery package 900x490x90 mm (LxWxH)
Delivery Weight 12,5 kg