Wall Cabinet Lift - DIAGO

Type of lift Diagonal wall cabinet lift
Height adjustment Motor-driven, continuously adjustable 43.5 cm downwards, 22.7 cm out from the wall
Speed level 1.7 cm / sec.
Operation Corded button or radio control
Safety A safety trip panel is installed below the cabinet. Contact with the panel stops the lift
Electrical connection Mains plug for 230 V, max 1.5A
Lifting force 150 kg
IP-class IPX4
Height, frame 72.0 cm
Width, frame 55.0 cm
Space to wall / adjoining cabinet 0.5 cm
Extension from wall 11.0 cm
Fits cabinet width 60.0 - 110.0 cm
Fits cabinet height 70.0 - 110.0 cm
Fits cabinet depth 26.0 - 40.0 cm
Material Powder coated sheet-metal parts (Alu-grey RAL 9006). Safety trip panels in White painted MDF.
Warranty 2 year