Wall Cabinet Lift - DIAGO

DIAGO 504 is an electrically operated lifting and lowering system for installation of new or existing wall cabinets. The lift is a diagonal lift which lowers the cabinet down and forward in an arc-shaped motion to the front edge of the working area. The movement can be stopped at an optional height.

The lift can be used separately or together with Granberg's worktop lift to totally adapt the kitchen.

The lift is available in two widths that fit cabinets from 60.0 cm to 180.0 cm. The upper frame plate is adjustable to fit cabinet heights of between 70.0 - 110.0 cm.

The cabinets can subsequently be finely adjusted in all axes (X, Y, Z) to fit precisely with the surrounding cabinets. The lift extends 11.0 cm out from the wall, which must be taken into account when assembling surrounding cabinets.

The lift is equipped with a reliable safety system in the form of safety trip panels which guarantee safe operation with no risk of being crushed. Lighting and banks of light can be fitted on the safety trip panels.

Microwave oven can be installed in the cabinets.

Diago 504 moves cabinets forward as they are lowered. This makes it simple to reach the cabinet even from a seated position.

Several cabinets can be mounted at one lifting system.

The lifting system builds out the wall cabinets 11 cm in the upper position.

Lights can be mounted under the cabinet. (Below the safety trip plate).

A safety plate is mounted under the cabinet. The plate stops the movement at the slightest resistance.

Wall Cabinet Lift - DIAGO
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